Ozzano dell'Emilia
The Comprehensive Institute of Ozzano Emilia

Ozzano dell'Emilia

Scuola Media

The "Istituto Comprensivo" (Comprehensive Institute) of Ozzano Emilia is a very young institution.

Since September 2000 it has been working in order to link together the different kinds of education according to children's age. The integration of the different types of schools, each with its own features, let us know different styles of teaching-learning in order to build up specific projects between the Nursery school and the Primary one, as well the Primary school and the Secondary one, with coherence and logical connection.

The Comprensive Institute has its own "identity paper", a training offer planning, the P.O.F. (Piano dell'Offerta Formativa), which is the curriculum planning of the different types of schools.It is coherent with the general objectives and the educational targets of each school. It is also built up on cultural, social and economical needs of the territory.

Our Institute provides Intranet and Internet services so all is on line on the web site "http://icozzano.scuole.bo.it"

The institute is composed by two Nursery Schools (122 kids in 2001), three Primary Schools (403 kids in 2001)and one "Scuola Media"or Middle School (238 kids in 2001).

It is held by the manager, Mr. Lamberto Montanari, with an Administrative office (located at the "Scuola Media" building).
There is a Teaching Staff (86 teachers in 2001) and an Institute Council.


Primary school

Nursery school
Don Milani - Galvani

Primary school

Nursery school
Don Milani

Nursary and primary school